Filming in quarantine

Quarantine has been difficult on everybody. However, Andrea has made the best of her time in isolation and created a short film with Todd Leykamp called Turtle. Andrea wrote, starred in, and scored the film, while Todd directed, filmed, and edited. It was awarded a runner-up award from the Dances With Films Rumble Film Festival. Check out the award winning film here!


Andrea Geones and Chuck Marra won the award for Best Score at the European Independent Film Awards for their score in the movie “Transit.”


Andrea is a founding member of the production company Foley Marra Studios. They produced 23 films starting in the summer of 2017. With the studio, Andrea has acted in, written, produced, and scored several of these films, and now they recently had seven films in the Golden State Film Festival at the TCL Chinese Theatre. Many of these films have won awards, such as Best Actor, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Score.


Andrea Geones plays the runaway Loretta in the feature film “Custody Road”, a “Desert Gothic Noir” film by John Lacy.
“For my money Andrea Geones steals the show, giving a beautifully nuanced performance as Loretta. “Fiddle Sticks,” she says [you’ll have to watch the film] !” -Greg Autry
“Andrea Geones is riveting. She commands attention by literally doing nothing more than reading a book.” -Steve Chivers
“…the kidnappers Otis and Loretta remind me of a sad modern day Fred and Ethel Mertz by way of David Lynch…. By the film’s end everyone has their respective scars – even poor Loretta, expertly essayed by newcomer Andrea Geones.” -Ryan Vandergriff